Our first Arabian Horses

It was by chance that our third family horse was an Arabian mare.  The beloved pure Spanish Arabian mare Kar Ortiga (Kar Testador by El Tabal x WN Oromana) brought with her an aptitude to be gentle despite her fire.  


She arrived in early spring of 2005 and we celebrated her arrival by gracing the rooftop of the shelter with a floral wreath: 

*First day of Kar Ortiga (Kar Testador x WN Oromana) at our home
*First day of Kar Ortiga (Kar Testador x WN Oromana) at our home

"The spirit of the Arab is like the wind;

try as you might, you cannot capture it,

but if one can be still enough, it will

enter your heart and capture your soul."


Thus it goes without saying that Kar Ortiga was bought not due to her pedigree, but solely because of her charismatic personality.   

In her breeding, one can find pure Spanish Arabian pearls like GG Samir, Oromana and El Tabal, imported from the USA to Germany in 1986.  Kar Ortiga was born in Karolinenhof Stud in Germany and sold privately.  We acquired Kar Ortiga in the year of 2005, unaware of her value as an Arabian breeding mare.  


Soon thereafter, in 2006, we welcomed our second Arabian mare Patana (Weteran x Prosa).  Patana is of pure Polish breeding and born at Altana Stud in Germany in 1999.  Her pedigree presents a splendid collection of influential Polish Arabian horses like Probat.