Anthara Arabians: Planned Breedings 2016 

Anthara Arabians is delighted to announce that all of its three Arabian foundation mares are planned to be bred this year - for the first time since its establishment!!!  The three mares are: the pure Spanish Kar Ortiga (Kar Testador x WN Oromana), the pure Polish Patana (Weteran x Prosa) and the Moroccan Chellah (Rayhan x Farah).  


The stallions BV Pigmalion (WH Justice x Factura) and Poseidon OS (Ajman Moniscione x Maryah OS) were chosen with great care and thoughtful consideration.  Thank you Bautista Vich Stud and Osterhof Stud for making this possible! 


The breedings are planned as follows:  

Kar Ortiga will be bred to BV Pigmalion (WH Justice x Factura):

Patana will be bred to Poseidon OS (Ajman Moniscione x Maryah OS):  

Chellah will be bred to Poseidon OS (Ajman Moniscione x Maryah OS):

There may be the possibility to purchase a colt out these three combinations in 2017 | 2018.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if interested: