Don Sisko

Don Marquis x Amanda

*Don Sisko (Don Marquis x Amanda) in Ebersweier, 2003
*Don Sisko (Don Marquis x Amanda) in Ebersweier, 2003

1992 Baden Württemberg Warmblood

Don Sisko was born in March 1992 to the breeder Walter Hetzel in Germany.   
He was our first horse and our first teacher.  Sisko inspired us from the day we saw him with his imposing stature, the crescent moon on his forehead, with his soft trot and his long, wave-like gallop.  His dark bay colour adds a certain mysterious feeling to the impression.  Don Sisko is a Württemberg Warmblood with a high percentage of Arab and Trakehnen blood.
He came to us as a young, impetuous horse that has become a reliable, loyal friend feeling completely responsible for our herd.  Friendship means a lot to him - with horses and with people. 



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